The Toowoomba district boasts an enviable climate for growing roses in Queensland. With a temperate climate, low humidity and rich soil the conditions for roses are practically perfect. The Queensland State Rose Garden, where new rose varieties are trailed and old favourites are preserved, is located nearby in Newtown.

At True Blue Garden Centre we source each year, usually winter time, a fabulous selection of roses from our rose production suppliers. From Climbing roses. Standard roses, miniature and carpet roses and bush roses we are sure to have a beautiful rose to complement your garden.

Floribunda – Floribunda roses are second in popularity only to Hybrid Teas. The Floribunda rose class produces large flower clusters, providing massive long-lasting colourful garden displays. Floribunda roses are a hardier and easier to care for class of rose. They can be low growing, from 50cm but average 1.2m. They ca be planted en masse or in pots.

David Austin – David Austin English Roses are a beautiful full petaled, fragrant blooms on an attractive shrubby appearance. They are a versatile rose with cut bud flowers opening to provide a wonderful fragrance.

Hybrid Teas – Hybrid Tea roses bare classic full flowers as either single flowers or several to a stem. They are and have been for over 100 hundred years, the most recognisable class of rose produced. Many Hybrid Teas have a good fragrance and are excellent for cut flowers. Bushes grow from 1m to 2m but average at 1.5m tall.

Climbing – Climbing roses can be used in a multitude of situations limited only by imagination. Climbing roses are best no pruned for the first two seasons and then only to remove dead wood and unproductive growth. Climbers will flower best from two year old canes.

Standard – Standard roses are grafted roses that are either 90cm or 60cm (Patio Standard) in height. They are great for providing a formal appearance when planted in a row or in a feature garden bed. It is important to secure the head of a standard rose securely to a sturdy stake to prevent breaking in high winds. Metal stake should be avoided.

Black Spot/Aphid control – at True Blue Garden Centre we can help you with all your rose health questions. Whether you have a fungal disease like blackspot, powdery mildew or rust or a pest infestation like aphids, spider mites or thrip we can provide the solution to have your roses blooming at their full potential.

Queensland Rose Society | Recommended Roses for Queensland