At True Blue Garden Centre, we stock a range of Australian native plants that span trees, shrubs, ferns, climbers, grasses and groundcovers. These are sourced from around Australia, representing the diverse landscapes from across Australia.

Creating a garden from Australian native plants makes good sense – the plants are adapted for our conditions after all. Native species thrived in abundance all over Australia, but now they compete with many introduced foreign plants. With a garden of Australian native plants, you are helping to provide habitat and food for native wildlife.

These gardens play an important role in building wildlife corridors, connecting fragmented pockets of native species habitats, which would otherwise be isolated populations.

Planting an Australian native plant is the same as any other you may be considering for your garden. Of course, the species chosen needs to be matched to the conditions of your garden, especially to the acidity and drainage patterns of the soil. We have statement plants like grass trees and flowering gums, textural ornamental grasses perfect for our small birds, a range of flowering ground covers and climbers as well as everything you need for a meadow of flowers or a screen of sensational long – lasting bloomers like Grevillea and Banksias.

We stock a range of natives from seeds to super advances plants, meaning you can start a garden for a few dollars or end up planting a mature “instant” garden depending on your budget. Bring some wildlife into your garden with bird attracting, low maintenance, hardy native plants. Choose from a huge variety of trees, shrubs and groundcovers that flower at different times of the year so you will have flowers and birds all year round.

Note – Some plants showcased on our website are seasonal or in short supply and may not be available all year round.