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At True Blue Garden Centre, we stock a range of Australian native plants that span trees, shrubs, ferns, climbers, grasses and groundcovers. These are sourced from around Australia, representing the diverse landscapes from across Australia.
Creating a garden from Australian native plants makes good sense – the plants are adapted.


The Toowoomba district boasts an enviable climate for growing roses in Queensland. With a temperate climate, low humidity and rich soil the conditions for roses are practically perfect. The Queensland State Rose Garden, where new rose varieties are trailed and old favourites are preserved, is located nearby in Newtown.


Looking to grow your own food with edibles? We are a great place to start on your path to sustainability. At True Blue Garden Centre we have a great range of fruiting plants that will have you well on your way to growing a smorgasbord of deliciousness. From vegetable seeds and seedlings and lovely fresh herbs, to berries like Strawberries, Blueberries and Blackberries. Citrus like lemons and oranges, kumquats and pomelo and beautiful orchard trees like apples, peaches and nectarines and cherries. We have specialty fruits like miracle fruit, dragon fruit, buddhas hand, and Jaboticaba.


The Crepe Myrtle Trees provide us with a great summer show and flower around town beautifully. As are the Dwarf Crepe Myrtles growing to 1.2m (4’) and ideal for beds built into lawns, for pots, and general garden use where a plant of low height is needed in a sunny spot. They come in colours of white, pink, dark pink, mauve, and ruby red. Crepe Myrtles have good cold tolerance and the flower petals are ruffled, with a crepe-like texture. In autumn the mid-green leaves turn yellow, orange or red (depending on the variety) before falling.


Plant Care

At True Blue Garden Centre we will help you to get your garden flourishing. Plants need care to help them thrive. From fertilising and mulching to controlling pest and diseases, we have expert horticultural staff and a great range of products to help you get the results you’re looking for.






Check out our range of gifts from ornaments to statues. We regularly change our products based also on the seasons.


What Our Clients Say


Great friendly service, wife buy buy buy,
result is an old cliche’

Happy wife = happy life.

Very good range of stock.

Brian Caldwell

My first visit here and absolutely loved the variety of native plant selection. I live 2hrs away but will happily come back to visit just for the variety that I can’t get down my way (Wamuran).

Cha Ree

Such a great team. Thank you Craig and Mark for doing the delivery. Looking forward to seeing the blooms from our golden wedding anniversary gift in good time. Happy gift recipient and gift giver.

Ian McTaggart

No doubt the most respected nursery in the district, honesty second to none, fantastic product with always something new to see all at fair prices. I have been doing business with for over 15 years and never have been disappointed. KEEP YOUR MONEY IN TOOWOOMBA.

Steve Kite

Fantastic friendly customer service and advice. Craig went above and beyond to help me with my plans and care and I will most definitely be coming back. Fantastic selection of plants, even a great selection of water plants. Thanks so much I will definitely be back again and I highly recommend true blue garden centre.

Steven Graham


Currently servicing the TOOWOOMBA region and nearby areas.

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